Novak Djokovic Speaks Chinese After Exhibition Against Li Na At Beijing Open

The China Open tennis tournament began in Beijing over the weekend, but before the games that counted, there was this, a “Battle of the Sexes” between the world’s top player, Novak Djokovic, and China’s very own Li Na. 

The exhibition itself — just one set — wasn’t particularly newsworthy, with the players exchanging a bunch of volleys, Li Na committing Li Na-like unforced errors, and Novak Djokovic letting a bunch of shots go past him (including at least one serve for an ace). The fans seemed to like it though.

At the end, Djokovic was asked to say a few words, so he said in Chinese, “Hello everyone.” (Raucous cheers.) “I love you guys, I love China.” (Awwww.)

“How was his Chinese?” an interviewer in a black suit asks Li Na.

“He absolutely has the ability to live a while in China,” she replies.

China continues to like this guy.

Speaking Chinese:

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