What Are “Average” North Koreans In Pyongyang Saying About Its Country’s Third Nuclear Test?

We know what the US, Japan, South Korea, and China think about North Korea’s third nuclear test yesterday (none of them are happy), but about North Korean citizens?

That’s a stupid question, of course. We’ll never know what the majority of them think, for obvious reasons. But via Dragon TV news, we know what a tiny number of them are willing to say on television:

Woman: “Hearing the news of the successful third nuclear test, I’m very excited. North Korea used real action to show that if we set our mind to do something, we can do it. (The test’s success) has raised people’s strength and courage.”

Man: “(The test’s success) has raised people’s strength. Hearing the news of the successful nuclear test, I was filled with confidence. I believe in the future, it’ll take only one attack to defeat any superpower.”

Fake? Probably.

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