Look Which Fat Ass Made A Public Appearance

Mao Xinyu at Temple of Heaven

If it ain’t the well-fed model of a modern major general, Mao Zedong’s grandson, Xinyu. If you had just one word to describe him, would it not be “paunchy”? There is nothing else notable about this man, yet check out the security cordon he elicited on Sunday while visiting the Temple of Heaven. More pics via Sina.

(H/T Shanghaiist)

    9 Responses to “Look Which Fat Ass Made A Public Appearance”

    1. blah

      Not cool to make personal attacks. Regardless of how ineffective or has-been the person in case is, the title “Fat ass” and tone is just wrong and horrible. It’s a shame, I thought Beijingcream was classier and wittier than this. I’ll be unsubscribing soon and letting my friends know.

    2. SeaHorse

      Question, is he an actual member of the military, trained and serve for several years and involved in tactical decision making, or is he an honourary member like Xi Jinping’s wife. If the second I don’t think we can really make fun of him if its an honourary title he probably only got because his grand daddy was the honourable Chairman. Also I don’t really feel the need to make fun of Mao’s family and there’s a reason the party herded them out of the limelight (as in they actually don’t fucking matter at all, they aren’t Mao)

      On the other hand I do have to say PLA, how thou has fallen.


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