Authorities Are Pursuing A Lost Monkey In Beijing

Monkey on the loose in Beijing

Have you seen this monkey, Beijingers?

Here, you’re more likely to have seen him from this angle:

Monkey on loose in Beijing 2

That’s because it ran away from authorities on Tuesday morning along East Third Ring Road. “The monkey was first seen at 8 am of November 5, whereupon it evaded capture by the police and is now believed to be somewhere around Taiyanggong,” reports Global Times.

In that article, we also learn that a baboon escaped from Beijing Zoo on October 31. That baboon is not this rhesus monkey; that one is — presumably — still on the loose in our urban jungle.

This rhesus stole food from vendors, which was cute enough of a scene that some people offered to pay for it, reports That’s Online. That’s good to hear. Keep to the right side of Fourth Ring Road — the inner side — and it should be okay. No guarantees for what happens if it ventures into the boonies.

    2 Responses to “Authorities Are Pursuing A Lost Monkey In Beijing”

    1. King Tubby

      Nice one.

      The boonies! Han rednecks with a cooking pot??

      Take the Tao’s advice Big Guy and stay safe, plus no bloody purse snatching, okay.


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