Taiyuan Zookeepers Dress Up As Animals To Conduct Wacky, Furry Drill

Taiyuan Zoo training

It’s only natural for zookeepers to worry about caged animals getting loose. What is fairly obviously not normal, however, is having humans don animal suits to simulate this scenario, for “training” purposes.

These pictures were taken recently from Taiyuan Zoo in Shanxi province. Look at this one: there’s a guy in a white lab coat employing a blowdart.

Taiyuan Zoo training - blowdart!

We’d make jokes — when did Mickey Mouse grow candy cane horns? — but it would be overkill.

Taiyuan Zoo training and such

And we laugh now, but when a lion, tiger or bear escapes its pen and is immediately corraled by zookeepers who display the speed and professionalism of trained masters, it is they who will laugh last.

More pictures via Sina Weibo:

Taiyuan Zoo exercise with humans in animal costumes.jpg

(H/T Alicia)

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