Henan Zoo Discovers It’s Hard To Pass Off A Dog As A Lion

Tibetan mastiff as lion
A zoo in Henan recently put a Tibetan mastiff in its lion pen, which had no lion. We have no doubt they did this as a joke, perhaps to see which zoo-goers, followed by news outlets, would take them seriously. But we wonder -- is this "trolling"? Is this "satire"? Is this actually a political statement about the Chinese zoo itself, forcing us -- by caging a household pet -- to see the metal bars which render animals as objects of amusement and belittlement?

Dog Owner And Two Dogs Die Of Electric Shock In Beijing Pet Park

Beijing Chaoyang pet pool dog death
This is quite the tragic story. On August 9 at about 4 pm, a young man, reportedly 26, went to Kudi Pet Park in Beijing's Chaoyang Park with his wife and two dogs. Only his wife would walk out alive. "This used to be a dog amusement park, now it's a park of horrors," an eyewitness tells a Beijing TV reporter in the above video. "The pet park is for dogs to go swimming," another eyewitness says. "We all raise our dogs like they're our children, and then this happens!"