A Reminder That There Are Better Places To Take A Massive Leak Than In Front Of A Toll Booth Operator And Camera

This man on the Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway in Zhejiang province really had to use the bathroom, so he hopped out of his car (presumably) and took a leak right in front of a toll booth. Not sure that’s the best place: all these booths are equipped with surveillance cameras, as we’ve seen before. The operator first says, “There are cars, cars! There are cars!” and then, realizing what the man was doing, turned her head away. When another operator enters the booth, she points out the guy and goes, “How can this guy go to the bathroom here?” Meanwhile, a driver patiently waits to pay his toll but can’t because the woman won’t turn around.

When nature calls, it’s best to answer – except maybe not so publiclyTudou video for those in China after the jump.

(H/T Alicia)

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