Man Casually Pees Off Beijing Subway Platform On A Monday Afternoon [UPDATE]

Here’s the thing I really like about Beijing’s subway: there are bathrooms at the end of most platforms. (Contrast to, say, New York, where everyone has peed onto subway tracks at least once.)

This guy here, however, does not care — because why walk to the end when you can just relieve yourself in the middle?

We’d like to give him a pass here, but the video description tells us that this happened on Monday at 4 pm. So he can’t possibly be drunk, right? Does anyone know if Yuquanlu Station on Line 1 has a bathroom?

I like the sly camera work, by the way, especially when the urinator turns around. Oh, am I secretly filming you peeing? NOPE.

By the way, this proves once again that when a person has to go, usually they just do.

UPDATE, 1:03 pm: Authorities are aware of the video, and they’re not amused. Reports Global Times (via Alicia):

The Beijing Subway has neither the manpower nor authority to stop people from peeing in its stations, said a woman surnamed Guo from the subway public relations department.

But strict enforcement may not be necessary.

“It’s dangerous to urinate to the tracks. One can get an electric shock and die, because 700 volts run through each of the three subway rails,” said a representative from the subway’s customer service hotline.

The representative suggested passengers contact subway employees or call police if they witness such behavior.

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    1. P.

      Cheap clothes, swarthy complexion, disregard for rules—probably a外地人. I can smell the stink of cow shit mixed with baijiu from here.


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