Former US Firefighter Praised For Helping Injured Passengers

Foreigner assists at scene of accident in Shanghai 1

Tommy Patton is the latest foreigner to win praise for assisting strangers in need. A former firefighter in the US, according to Xinmin, he helped keep two injured passengers conscious after their car was crushed between trucks on the G1501 Expressway in Shanghai on Tuesday afternoon.

Shanghai Daily reports:

Tommy Patton told Shanghai Daily yesterday that he was not a hero and only did what he could and should do.

“I saw them and helped them,” Patton said.

He left the scene of the accident after helping them out.

More details:

“I saw the foreigner squatting outside the car when I got stuck on the jammed expressway,”  said netizen “kisspengtai,” who claimed he was at the accident spot and uploaded a picture on  his Weibo blog.

Patton kept talking to the injured passengers in the car and tried to keep them conscious,” kisspengtai said.

Patton reportedly works in Taicang, Jiangsu province and plans to stay in China long-term.

Foreigner assists at scene of accident in Shanghai 2

Expat becomes unlikely hero for brave deed in highway accident (Shanghai Daily)

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