Foreigner In Beijing Helps Biker Collapsed In Drunken Heap

This video’s three weeks old, but we just saw it thanks to Reddit, and isn’t it nice to see a person help someone else?

Just after the 30-second mark, a man behind camera says in Chinese, “You’re not afraid, you’re a foreign friend, you’re not afraid.” We assume he means afraid of getting sued, which, sadly, has happened here before. (Counterpoint: people also help othersquite often, actually.)

“You’re lying on gasoline right now, do you realize?” another Chinese bystander says in that scolding tone in which every word is sharply enunciated. The man continues to be drunk.

The foreigner (tourist, we’re guessing, judging by his lack of Chinese and the camera slung over a shoulder) insists on helping with the man’s motorized three-wheel bike. More and more people gather to watch. We hope the man arrived at his destination safely.

The tourist probably got a better story out of this than any he could have hoped for from the Drum and Bell Tower.

    4 Responses to “Foreigner In Beijing Helps Biker Collapsed In Drunken Heap”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Lao Wai visiting China really need to stop behaving like idiots, “getting involved” in a place that does not want them and start reading “China Daily Show” first before coming over.

      • Eris Guri

        Hello there,

        so, you are reading a foreign webpage and you seem to hate them? I will make it easier, 13601192674 its my number, I would love you to come and tell me that personally to me, I live close by and I can ride to you, let me know.

      • Bethune

        It is normal for “Lao Wai” to help others. Maybe you should put on the airplane little brochures that say “When you come to China, do not try to help people, this is not our culture. And we will call you an idiot if you try to help others”

    2. mike

      Must be a 新手. A few years in China will make you jaded. This is a country where locals regularly step over corpses on the way to work.

      Anyway, good for him, and I hope being in China and learning the language doesn’t ruin him.
      I hope the Emergency Services will at least pay for his ‘female friend’ as a reward.


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