Old Man Falls Into Pond, Does Not Drown And Die Thanks To Good Samaritan

An elderly man slipped and fell down some stairs and into a pond on July 24 around 8 am in Yibin, Sichuan province.

He was not left to his own devices as bystanders watched, too afraid to help. He did not drown, inciting widespread condemnation of society and its suppurating values.

He was rescued within 21 seconds.

Shanghaiist brings us the above video, which shows a 74-year-old man hurrying to the fallen elder’s aid and pulling him out of the water.

The hero of the day is He Changling, who matter-of-factly explains in the clip how the man in front of him fell, and how he pulled him out.

“He’s really taught all of us a lesson,” the news anchor concludes.

Doing good is nice, I think is that lesson.

China Navis has a GIF of the incident for you.

Old man tumbles into pond
Old man tumbles into pond.

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