Take A Look At The Yan’an Village Where Xi Jinping Worked During The Cultural Revolution

The village is called Liangjiahe. Via Vimeo: This film was made to go in a special edition of ABC’s Newsline to accompany the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in November 2012. Xi Jingping took over as leader of this huge institution at this congress so we made a profile of him for this special episode.... Read more »

Here’s Peng Liyuan Singing In Russian And Dazzling A Moscow Crowd In 2005, Cause That’s What She Do

Peng Liyuan singing in Russian featured image2
Peng Liyuan, who’s warming up to her role as China’s “First Lady” — a term that, lest you forget, has basically never been applied to the wives of Chinese leaders — is currently traveling with her husband in Africa as part of Xi Jinping’s first overseas trip as Chinese head of state, and it’d be... Read more »

In First Interview With Foreign Media, Xi Jinping Reveals Fondness For Paul The Octopus

Xi Jinping interview
Xi Jinping sat down with foreign media yesterday for the first time since becoming CPC chairman, speaking with reporters from BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa — ahead of the BRICS summit later this month. This historic occassion drew almost no English-language media coverage, leading Foreign Policy’s Isaac Stone Fish to ask,... Read more »

Xi Jinping Anointed PRC President, Jorge Mario Bergoglio Elected As Pope Francis

Xi Jinping and Pope Francis
It’s been said before by many commentators — e.g., Eric Fish of Sinostand (“The Catholic church and CCP: estranged brothers?”) and Adam of Visions of Paradise (“Several times in the past I’ve read quotes stating that Communist governments learned how to manipulate their citizens by imitating the Catholic Church”) — that the Chinese Communist Party... Read more »

Hu Jintao Might Be Masturbating Under The Desk In This Photo

Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping
Few will accuse Hu Jintao of being photogenic (note: some have tried), but the above picture takes the cake. By Jason Lee of Reuters, captioned via Yahoo: “An attendant serves tea to China’s President Hu Jintao (L) next to China’s Communist Party Chief Xi Jinping (R) during the opening ceremony of the National People’s Congress (NPC)... Read more »

Microblogger Behind “Study Xi Fan Club” Calls It Quits With Cryptic Message

Zhang Hongming
Less than a week after outing himself as the microblogger behind the super popular “Study Xi Fan Club,” migrant worker and college dropout Zhang Hongming may be calling it quits. According to SCMP: Zhang, who has more than 800,000 followers, wrote: “Goodbye. I was happy when I came here, but I’m leaving today with deep... Read more »

The Mystery Man Behind Popular Xi Jinping Microblog Is A College Dropout And Migrant Worker

Study Xi Jinping Fan Club
Who’s the person behind the most popular Xi Jinping microblog in the world, Xuexifensituan (Study Xi Fan Club [the image icon reads "Hao Hao Xue Xi," Thoroughly Study Xi]), with its 737,000 followers? Just a really big Xi Jinping fan, it turns out, who happens to be a college dropout. As revealed by Associated Press:... Read more »

What The Hell Is Happening Here?

Xi Jinping
Um, delivering a doe. I said doe in this post, not Komodo dragon. Xi Jinping has his work cut out for him to top this. We suggest, for his next act, helping deliver a doe in the fields. The hoi polloi will lap it up! This picture comes Xi Jinping’s unofficially endorsed Sina Weibo account, Hao Hao Xue Xi (“Thoroughly... Read more »

Toddler Moons National TV Audience During Vice Premier Li Keqiang’s Impromptu House Visit [UPDATE]

Naked kid pops out of closet featured image
Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang made an unexpected visit to a farmer’s family in Baotou, Inner Mongolia earlier this week. How unexpected? According to Sina Weibo, the farmer’s son was still sleeping (half-)naked in the room, so the father told him to go hide in the cupboard. With CCTV cameras rolling, the kid ran out of oxygen,... Read more »

The Asahi Shimbun: Xi Jinping Displeased With Liu Yunshan And Propaganda Department’s Handling Of Southern Weekly Incident

Liu Yunshan and Xi Jinping
Japan’s highly respected daily The Asahi Shimbun suggested in an article on Monday that Xi Jinping was unhappy with the way the “media control division” handled last week’s Southern Weekly ordeal. Specifically, Xi was unhappy with the way Liu Yunshan, chief of the propaganda department and a longtime Hu Jintao guy, forced newspapers around the... Read more »

Because We All Need More Pictures Of Xi Jinping, Here He Is Looking Spiffy In Color And Black And White

Xi Jinping 1
People’s Daily has just published 23 photos of China’s Party Secretary, Xi Jinping (via Xinhua), from various stages of his life. In most of them — keeping with a theme — he looks ordinary. We’re sampling eight more after this top one — eight is auspicious, after all — but you should also check out... Read more »

Introducing: Xi Jinping Looking At Things

Xi Jinping looking at things
Just yesterday, Michele Travierso tweeted, "I sense a Tumblr in the making" in response to pictures of Xi Jinping doing ordinary things on his Southern Tour. The Internet works fast. Presenting: Xi Jinping looking at things.

China’s Learning Populist Politics: Pictures Of Powerful Men Being Ordinary

Xi Jinping holding baby aloft
Look who’s making friends from both sides of the aisle. Explains Tea Leaf Nation’s David Weritime in the Atlantic: Xi Jinping, China’s new leader, has recently embarked on a low-key barnstorming of China’s entrepreneurial south. The mere fact of Xi’s visit is exciting to Chinese liberals, echoing as it does the “Southern Tour” of reformist... Read more »

Xi Jinping Gets Serious With His High-Ranking Comrades

Xi Jinping
CPC top dog Xi Jinping wants to lead by example. “The style of officials, particularly top officials, has an important impact upon the style of the Party and the style of the government and even on the whole of society,” according to a recently released statement. “Such a way of doing things must first start with the Standing Committee.”... Read more »

Vintage Footage Of A Smiley Hu Jintao In 1984 Provides A Rare Glimpse Of Him As A Young Charmer

Chinese leaders smiling
We — you, me, the world — might see outgoing president Hu Jintao as a wan robot less charismatic than a cardboard box, but there was a time during this man’s life when he was sprightly, good-humored, and jovial. Let this video — of a speech he gave in 1984, in front of colorful balloons —... Read more »

Unleash Peng Liyuan! Why China’s First Lady Needs To Take Center Stage

Cher vs. Peng Liyuan
By Allie Jaynes As many people have already discussed, Xi Jinping’s famous hot wife is presenting some issues for the PR folks at the CPC. You’d think having a singer babe on your team who devotes her spare time to anti-smoking campaigns and helping earthquake victims would be a windfall for the party’s propagandists. Apparently... Read more »

Here They Are: China’s Magnificent Seven For The Next 10 Years

China's Magnificent Seven
Xinhua via People’s Daily (h/t Alex Wang) We’ve been waiting for this. Caption: “Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan, Zhang Gaoli, who have been elected members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), arrive to meet... Read more »