Severe Punishment And Self-Criticism For Miswriting Xi Jinping’s Name

Xi Jinping misspelling

Notice: if you misprint Xi Jinping’s name in a newspaper or magazine, the full hammer of official censure will fall upon your head.

China Digital Times has this from its ongoing Censorship Vault series, via Reports Without Borders:

Xiamen Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department: The West Strait Morning Post miswrote Xi Jinping’s name. Promptly pull all current papers from the shelves. Editors involved [in this mistake] must be severely published and undergo self-criticism. (June 27, 2013)

Copyeditors: go into your office and ask for a raise, pronto.

    One Response to “Severe Punishment And Self-Criticism For Miswriting Xi Jinping’s Name”

    1. benji

      The entity that needs the biggest steady dosage for “self criticism” is the CPC itself, instead of them pointing their grimy fingers at everyone else for mostly imaginary transgressions.


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