Honda’s Commercial Featuring “Foreign Language Couple” (Psst… It’s Chinese)

Via Angry Asian Man; Youku video for those in China after the jump.

Less racist than Hyundai’s commercial, some would say. Although really, Hyundai’s commercial is not racist. Let’s chill a bit with the R word, alright? The term has begun to lose meaning due to overuse. American culture almost has to invent new ways to differentiate between different levels of racism, kind of like what Inuits do with snow. We’re basically at the point where “Chink in the armor” seems to be America’s baseline racism, which is a shame, because I think that designation should belong to something like, “Get off my lawn you squinty-eyed squarehead.” But as is, real racism now has to be designated “racistest” (or something), and a comment like “Asians are good at math” is “raci”… instead of, you know, true.

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