Help Us Find Beijing Cream’s No. 1 Troll

Is Chris Devonshire-Ellis's eagle the troll? 2

Well, you run an open comments system, someone always has to come along and crap in the salad. We present to you: the Beijing Cream Troll, who was sober enough to post under multiple identities, but not to switch up his IP address:Inline image 1

BJC troll comment 1

Whoever this individual was, he’s expended more time and energy on this site in the last few weeks than Tao, me or any of our usual writers. Like an unpaid intern who’ll do anything just to be noticed, this guy went the distance – and more. He deserves Recognition. Respect. In language he’d understand, “Rogering.”

But what do we really know about him?

1) He thinks the true measure of a chap is whether he buys his round. You can pour bile on other religions, lie about yourself and spew homophobia, but God help you if you don’t settle your bar tab – you’ve crossed a line, mister!

BJC troll debts

2) He’s on conversational terms with the Black Sun Bar management. Although its ownership has changed over the years, and the Black Sun is hardly anyone’s idea of a destination spot these days.

BJC troll comment Black Sun bar

3) He also seems to think the Hidden Tree, which closed in 2005, is still a thing. So, someone whose Beijing heyday was a decade ago, perhaps.

BJC troll Hidden Tree

4) He reckons Alexa is something people use:

BJC troll Alexa

5) It’s not just race hate – he’s embraced sexism and homophobia to make the full trifecta. Oh dammit, I missed one: he has a beef with the trans community, too.

BJC troll ladyboy smegma

6) We’re looking for a schoolboy wit who might reference “used tampons” or “smegma” when deep in his cups. See above.

7) Master of Sock Puppets: Whoever he is, this guy makes Johann Hari look like Sooty. Not only does he set up multiple accounts offering a chorus line of criticism and/or praise, he likes to fend off detractors by impersonating them to write – yes – vile abuse. (See below link.)

8) He’s a staunch defender of Shaun Rein and Chris Devonshire-Ellis.

BJC troll Shaun Rein and CDE

9) He knows a surprising amount about Chris Devonshire-Ellis. And the bar/nightclub Maggie’s.

BJC troll Maggie's

10) He’s a stern critic of the Peking Duck blog, China Law Blog, Ryan McLaughlin of Lost Laowai blog and pretty much anyone who’s ever written about Chris Devonshire-Ellis.

Who could it be?

    15 Responses to “Help Us Find Beijing Cream’s No. 1 Troll”

    1. King Tubby

      @ Mike

      Do you have an Ice issue?????

      Look my friend, preserve your nasal cavities and remember it also causes member shrinkage.

      Try and be normal like me.

      Been away from this site for months and only returned out of pure boredom and a long spell of continuous rain.

      And that says something about the state of the China- English blog world.

      • Ray Kelly

        “I’m connected with Chris on Facebook. He’s been in Russia all Christmas and New Year, I’ve seen all his updates and photos. So I think you’ve got the wrong guy despite what you want to suggest.”

    2. RhZ

      Using Ed Lehman’s name would seem to point more to CDE then Shaun Rein, who apparently also likes to play games with online comments (but I don’t really know his MO).

      Where’s the IP location? Don’t know if that would tell us much though, unless it were in Shanghai.

      Back in the days of Shanghaiexpat, where it came out eventually that CDE was responsible for some huge volume of comments as fidel, I am pretty sure it became clear that he had his staff help him. When I see sentence structure like this I get suspicious, “to settle the piss up bar bill you at Black Sun left three weeks ago.”

      You at Black Sun left? No native speaker, in my thinking, even an insane or drunken (or both) one, writes ‘you at Black Sun left’.

      Anyway that’s my vote.

    3. LAM

      Yes CDE for sure. He is still pissed about the article some years ago when he left. The strange sentences have something to do with him being drunk and sometimes battling his alter ego Chinese Kung fu boy who has problems formulating a coherent sentence. Bit like Andy Kaufman and his alter ego Tony Clifton.

    4. Rico Wang

      In your before on this subject you shewed the IP address (you blacked it out on this one I don’t no why?). Anyway I checked it, it is in Reading, England, near to London. But I think you know this? So its not from Shanghai.

    5. Sacher

      I checked Ray Kelly claim and CDE being in Russia, it checks out, he seems is there for several weeks already many photos on his Timeline you can’t fake that. As IP address is Reading in England I think you have the wrong suspect. My guess some Brit expat went home for holidays who else did Beijing Cream upset LOL maybe many??? Next time moderate like now it’s better although loses some spontaneity I think so, never mind.

    6. IPman

      Reading UK…isn’t that one of these places where VPN connections go to? The Baron finally discovered the workings of the VPN.


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