A Beautiful Moment In Auto Sports Spectating: This Chinese Fan

The Formula One Chinese Grand Prix was this past Sunday in Shanghai. The official F1 write-up begins, “How ironic was it that in a race that depended on tyre wear and strategy, it should all come right for Mercedes and Nico Rosberg as the young German scored his maiden Grand Prix victory by 20.6s as a fantastic war raged a long way behind him?”

I have no idea about tires, strategies, Mercedes, Nico, Germans, the Grand Prix, or any fantastic war, but I do know someone who would know. It’s the man in the video above, whose enthusiasm should be an inspiration to us all. The YouTube description tells us the most impressive thing is he isn’t even wearing ear protection. Now that’s dedication! (I think.)

The ambient sound effects really make this video, but there are other things to note. Watch how he waves off the vendor to start. Watch the young kid in the foreground, perhaps a third of the man’s age and expressing an inversely proportional amount of disinterest. Watch the unbridled joy of it all, the man’s joie de vivre at swerving motorcars, and weep that your own life fails to offer such guileless pleasure. Youku video for those in China after the jump. [H/T Katie]

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