Before You Eat These Pigs, Watch Them Participate In A “London Olympics” Swim Meet

On Saturday at Liushahe Cultivation Base in Nanning, Hunan province, people organized a swim meet with some peculiar competitors. At the sound of a whistle, nine spotted piglets jumped into the water and splashed down their lane toward the shore — the “finish line.” A pig named Hua Hua won and was rewarded with extra delicious pig feed.

We’re told this event was held to welcome the upcoming London Olympics, and that the exercise is good for these creatures. That’s all really sweet. Can I just point out that Hua Hua is also a cute name? He’s like real-life Babe, the gallant pig! Eventually he’ll head out to the city and live with cats, dogs and chimpanzees, right? Right?


Quoting the newscaster who paraphrases someone in charge of Liushahe Cultivation Base (emphasis mine):

It can also raise the spotted pigs’ immunity and make their meat quality and taste/texture more exquisite.


So… yeah. Not at all like Babe.

(H/T Alicia)

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