London Mayor Boris Johnson Welcomes You To The Olympics, Sort Of

YouTube user Cassetteboy has posted a hilarious cut-up of Boris Johnson — who we last saw on this blog trying (and failing) to operate a Sina Weibo account — welcoming people to London for the Olympics (opening ceremony is Friday, in case you’ve forgotten). Some of our favorite parts:

“Something nasty is going to happen to you. Welcome to the so-called Games…

“It was the beginning of a dark age. A kind of cringe-making, clash of civilizations. The peoples of the earth sailed into the mouth of the Thames, a place of mud, illiteracy, and embarrassing diseases. London built this superdome in which took place entertainments which seemed shocking and depraved. Exactly the same experience as English public schools.”

That was all within the first 40 seconds. Now go watch the rest. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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