Man Who Gets Mercilessly Bullied By BMW Driver Offers Some Levelheaded Advice

First, the video: watch as the driver with the dashboard cam futilely tries to pass the red BMW 4S, whose license plate reads BMW X6 (we understand this car was from a dealership, and the man inside was going for a test-drive). Something obviously happened between these two guys before the recording began, and the road rage must have festered. The BMW driver engages in a bit of street gamesmanship for nearly two minutes, then stops, and that’s when the dashboard cam driver sprints out of his car and chases after the BMW. The BMW driver gets out, and we see he’s a much bigger man. A minor physical tussle ensues, which ends with the dash-cam driver getting his lower lip split open.

This happened exactly a week ago in Nanjing. The day after, it made the news. Longhu News tracked down the bullied writer, who wrote on a forum:

I got out and slapped his window, asking, “Why are you blocking me? Why flash your brights?” At which time he grabbed my neck, “How did I flash my brights?” His fists promptly went up.

But apparently there’s an amicable ending. The drivers of the two cars eventually met again and, as best they could, resolved their differences (with compensation possibly forthcoming):

After the incident, I found the guy, and was satisfied with this 4S store’s handling of the situation: first, took me to the hospital, and actively coordinated with police to start negotiations [Ed's note: for recompense, he means]. A week later I’ll go get these stitches removed.

And there’s more. In the original Youku video description, the uploader pasted some tips the bullied driver offered for diffusing road rage:

1. Summertime, in these fit-of-anger situations, (before) you get out of your car, pay attention to safety. If there was no bump or scratch, doing more isn’t better than doing less.

2. Don’t punch by any means, a gentleman uses his mouth, not his fist.

3. It’s best if your car has a recording device.

4. You must be prepared if you do get out of the car, don’t hit people, and don’t get hit (this is what I say).

Not bad advice. But what if you’re really angry, because someone (test-)driving a really nice BMW has decided to be a jerk?

What would you do?

    7 Responses to “Man Who Gets Mercilessly Bullied By BMW Driver Offers Some Levelheaded Advice”

    1. Sue

      Take a bat to the car instead or slash the tires. Alternatively just ram in to the back of him. BMW drivers are mostly wankers anyway.

    2. wafflestomp

      Really hate Chinese drivers. I’ve lost times of how many have almost killed me/seen kill someone else. Keep in mind owning a car here is a status symbol, not a means of transportation.

    3. Mr. Mute

      What an asshole. I would have taken a lead pipe, and breaking open the windows, and beat his skull in. Idk, I just hate those drivers

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