Olympics Countdown: Chinese Hurdler Does Not Care

Continuing our Olympics Countdown series in which we post about anything borderline related to London or the Olympics, here’s an oldie but goodie, from 2010, featuring a 110-meter hurdler who will simply let nothing, including hurdles, get between him and the finish line.

This happened at a University Games in China, exact location unknown. No other information is necessary for your enjoyment. Original Sina video for those in China after the jump. (H/T Timothy B.)

    16 Responses to “Olympics Countdown: Chinese Hurdler Does Not Care”

    1. Mark

      Yeah I noticed that too after someone sent me the Telegraph link and I’d already seen it here (and elsewhere a couple of years ago!). But The Telegraph makes it look like it just happened. Plus they can’t count: he “finishes” in 5th, not 6th.

      • The Tao

        I think they had it before Telegraph, and while they’re also wrong when they say this happened “recently,” at least they embedded the YouTube video instead of ripping the vid and stamping their own name on the thing.

    2. don

      Geez. If he were a bit bigger, that hurdler could try out for an American football team as a pass rusher.

    3. Visitor

      What is this guy doing running the hurdles. If you notice at the end of the video he can’t even hurdle the drainage pipe and trips over it.

    4. adam

      please give a new link for the China side, the sina link is dead and my poor attempts at searching for it have failed



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