Dashboard Cam Records Bus Hydroplaning Before Tipping Over, Killing One Passenger

On Jingcheng Highway just outside Beijing on Sunday, a bus with Chengde, Hebei province license plates lost control after driving over water near the exit of Qilinlou Tunnel. It appeared to hydroplane before tipping over and skidding to a stop after several meters. We’re told of the 19 passengers onboard, there was one fatality, an elderly man. The other 18 were sent to nearby hospitals.

We’re unsure whether the car with the dashboard cam successfully squeezed by the bus to get on its way. Extended Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    3 Responses to “Dashboard Cam Records Bus Hydroplaning Before Tipping Over, Killing One Passenger”

    1. ShanPao

      damn, lived in Chengde for two years and took the bus many times. Sobering reminder of how fragile things can be.

      Not so shocking how quickly the guy with the camera wanted to leave the scene without helping anyone.

      • David

        Right. Because, you know, who the hell cares if there are people crying for help in the bus when you have a date to keep in Chengde?

        What would Confucius do, I wonder?


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