Man (Almost Certainly) Fakes Blindness To Feel Up Random Women

Here’s a perv with a plan. A man in Chongqing was recently filmed terrorizing the upper thighs of random women, only escaping censure or slaps to the face because people think he’s blind.

A gentleman surnamed Lu, finding this “blind” guy’s behavior very strange, pulled out his cell phone and recorded 17 minutes of footage — which is… let’s call it unconventional (but this story only has room for one weirdo) — before turning it over to a journalist. The deviant is shown also tapping at women’s legs with a stick.

A lady dared to approach him in order to help, but Lu the cameraman — nice guy that he is — called her away.

Sina has an extended version of this story via this video (start at 2:18 mark). The journalist began showing people this “blind” man’s picture and asking questions. But just when we think some real journalism is being done, here’s the lone interview we’re given:

Source (an old man with a heavily accented voice): “He picks up soft drink bottles, picks up cardboard.”

Journo: “Oh. Well, is he blind?”

Source: “He may be a blind, or he may not be a blind.”

Journo: “He is or he isn’t, what are you talking about?”

Source: “He can pick up trash, how can be blind?”

Journo: “So his eyes aren’t blind?”

Source: “His eyes can see.”

The witness says the blind man in question has been out there collecting trash for two years. We then learn, from a lawyer, that even the blind can be charged and fined for molesting women. If he were just pretending, the penalties would be greater. (Sources can be so helpful, can’t they?)

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