Masked Men Try To Rob Shopping Mall After Hours, Are Pretty Dumb

This incident happened on May 8, but a video of it just appeared yesterday, so you’re getting the story now. In a shopping mall in Chaoyang district, two masked men sought to steal some liquor and smokes. The fact that they were walking through an empty wall after opening hours attracted the attention of security guards, who confronted the two. For the next 10 minutes, a game of cat and mouse ensued in the six-story mall, as no security guard seemed able to execute a simple tackle. (One security guard actually throws a stool at a masked man to slow him down.) Finally, eventually, real cops arrive on the scene, and they convince the cornered criminals to drop their knives and turn themselves in.

“I didn’t think the mall would have so many security guards,” one of the arrested men says. “I thought the mall would have five or six of them.” Oh? AND THEN WHAT? Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    3 Responses to “Masked Men Try To Rob Shopping Mall After Hours, Are Pretty Dumb”

    1. Nick

      Well I’d imagine most people working in that kind of job wouldn’t have a huge array of employment opportunities available to them so quitting might not be an option.

      Would you tackle someone armed with a knife when you only have a baton for that kind of salary?


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