Chinese News Show Uses Frogger And Mario To Illustrate The Perils Of Jaywalking

We’ve seen, on more than one occasion, people here play real-life Frogger to disastrous results. A news show in Heilongjiang Province called Xinwen Yehang (新闻夜航, literally “News Night Flight”) has connected the dots — Frogger… real-life… BAD — and compiled several dozen examples of jaywalking pedestrians risking their health to get across a street in Harbin called Edmonton Road.

If not for the 8-bit music, the running commentary is best: “In the last half-hour, 392 people chose to cross the street, 66 cars crossed the double-lines to U-turn.”

And the vox pop from atop a nearby pedestrian bridge:

Journalist: “Aren’t (your bags) heavy?”

Man: “Heavy. But paying attention to safety is best. Of course I understand the traffic rules.”

At the very end, the earnest journalist — bless her — says, “Life isn’t as simple as video games. When you pass in the game, you can level up. If you fail, you can try again. But as for people’s lives, they only have one.” Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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