Realtors In Beijing Stage Massive, Possibly Turf-Related Brawl

We don’t know what caused employees of two realtor companies in Beijing to stage this public brawl, with white-shirted men on one side and light-blue-shirted men on the other (except the white-shirted one attacking his own, which just confuses everything), but we do think all participants of group fights should wear different colored outfits, or uniforms. Just a modest proposal for anyone else out there planning a get-together at fight o’clock. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    6 Responses to “Realtors In Beijing Stage Massive, Possibly Turf-Related Brawl”

    1. Dingles

      When Anchorman gets real.

      Why did it end so abruptly? One minute an all out brawl, the next…everyone seems relaxed loitering.

      • Brett Hunan

        Maybe it was staged to be that way. Hazing for a company… winners get the good turf, losers get the leftovers?

        I couldn’t make out much of what people were saying, so its left up in the air.

    2. CP

      This was the most hilarious public brawl I’ve ever seen. Are you sure this is real? I don’t I even saw a legitimate punch thrown during the melee.


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