This Woman Is The Luckiest And Worst Driver Alive [UPDATE]

By Alicia

In the early hours yesterday in Nanjing, a fashionable sexy lady by the name of Ms. Xu, shown in the video wearing only black booty shorts, a tiny black top, and what must be five-inch-heels, was seen crawling out of the window of her car after she hit a railing and her vehicle flipped on its side. Xu says she was trying to avoid a taxi that was merging into her lane when she swerved. The accident is still being investigated, but police are already considering the length of her heels as a cause.

For most people, an accident like this, which I think we can accurately label “livelihood-threatening,” probably doesn’t happen very often. For Xu, however — as she continues to explain with a smile and smirk — “I’ve flipped a car four times and never sustained any injuries.” Xu learned to drive while studying in the US, and has been driving for three to four years. With a valid license! In the US she’s flipped twice, once caused by her falling asleep at the wheel, the other time while speeding. In China she’s flipped one other time, also while speeding. In addition, she has been in three other road accidents.

At least she passed the breathalyzer yesterday.

And no, we’re not going to make a joke about Asian female drivers. This woman is in a class of her own. Youku Tudou video for those in China after the jump.

UPDATE, 8/28, 11:54 am: According to this Yahoo China (China News video here) story published last night, police said her heels were 18 centimeters (7 inches!), and apparently there’s a rule that heels can’t exceed 4 centimeters on drivers. There’s more: the girl is only 17 in a country where the legal driving age is 18, and when cops asked to see her driver’s license, she presented her U.S. student ID, thinking the cop wouldn’t know English or find a translator. Finally: her Sina Weibo account is @disQuietude, URL Until making her posts private, we’re told there was an apology posted on there.

    9 Responses to “This Woman Is The Luckiest And Worst Driver Alive [UPDATE]”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Oh please…let us allude to Asian female drivers… after all, urban legends ARE based on some smattering of truth, no??

      • MAC

        I once saw an AFD in the US make a three-point turn at a four-way intersection while everyone waited. No doubt she missed her turn or forgot something and needed to go back, makes perfect sense.

    2. Dingles

      What exactly…is that thing? Is it a woman? A 50 year old American plumber with wet-brain reincarnated in a plastic female Asian body?

      She belongs in the same class of the “Shoot me yayayaya” beast.

    3. andrewfx51

      What 17 year old can afford a new car? And keep their license after flipping it 3 times, despite being under the legal driving age?
      Pearls before swine…


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