Weightlifter Wu Jingbiao Demonstrates The Meaning Of “Agony Of Defeat”

You don’t need to know Chinese to appreciate this video (though the subtitles by  are appreciated).

Wu Jingbiao, the two-time reigning World Weightlifting Championships gold-medalist, was the favorite to win on Sunday, and would have if not for North Korean Om Yun Chol’s perfect day. In his post-lift interview, Wu was inconsolable. “I feel terribly guilty for disappointing my country, the Chinese weightlifting team and all the people who supported me,” he said. “I really wanted to be the best but I didn’t make it. I am sorry!”

The reporter hugged him, told him he’s still young and will have more chances. In the Youku video after the jump, you see Wu’s family and friends watching from home. Wu’s mom says into the camera, “Your performance was great. Don’t worry, there’s a next time.” His uncle then says, “Participation is what counts, gold or silver doesn’t matter. (You’re) already our family’s most honorable.”

Gold or silver doesn’t matter. There’s the Olympic spirit for you, minus the fakery and corporate slogans. Just a young man who gave it his best, almost won, and will, we’re sure, try again.

Ed’s note, 8/2, 11:38 am: Apologies for the typo: in the headline, I had Wu’s name as “Jianbiao.” (For what it’s worth, the above-linked AP story still has his name as “Jiangbiao.”)

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