Pausing In The Middle Of The Street While Talking On Your Phone Can Result In Flying

It’s most definitely not the type of flying you want to do. Watch as a woman crossing the road stops in the middle — maybe because she received a text or call, says the interviewed police officer — and winds up going head over heels when a sedan plows right through her. (The sound effects are the newscast’s.)

In the longer version of this video, embedded after the jump for those in China, the segment makes a seamless transition to another clip of a pedestrian on her phone getting clipped by a car. You might remember that we featured the clip way back when for an episode of Traffic Light.

We do want to point out, finally, that as (possibly) graphic and (probably) hilarious the above clip is (don’t worry, she suffered some broken bones but will live), it doesn’t really compare to this piece of work as part of COW, a British-produced 30-minute drama about a girl who kills four people due to texting while driving. You’ll just have to take my word for it if you don’t like watching explicit depictions of people dying in slow motion. (Youku embed after the jump.)

Trailer from COW:

    3 Responses to “Pausing In The Middle Of The Street While Talking On Your Phone Can Result In Flying”

    1. James

      Rules of the road in China:

      (1) Don’t get into an accident. So: move steadily and smoothly on a constant vector. No sudden stops or changes in direction or speed.

      If you are visible, drivers and cyclists will do their level best to avoid hitting you. (unless they are drunk, or driving a black Audi with tinted windows – in which case, get the hell out of the way or die)

      (2) The fast avoid the slow. Just like the rules on any ski slope. Don’t get all bound up in your lines and lanes and turn signals – those are decorative.

      (3) Keep your brakes in good condition, but do not use them suddenly unless you REALLY have to. (See rule one about vector and speed changes)

    2. James

      I once saw a guy – Chinese of course – walk across a roundabout under an overpass during rush hour.

      Two lanes of cars, and about three layers deep of bicycles on the inside, and one lane of bicycles (going the opposite way) on the outside of the roundabout….

      And this guy is walking across traffic, not even looking at the cars or bikes coming at him, and shouting into his cell phone. People are honking and ringing their bike bells, shouting at him, and generally peeved at his behavior, but everyone missed him.

      They all, everyone, did their best to avoid him.

      He crosses the low island in the middle, still shouting into the phone and crosses the opposite stream of traffic, three lanes of bikes, two lanes of cars, and the wrong-way bike traffic.

      All without even glancing at the traffic.

      He was moving steadily, seemingly unstoppably, on a clear path, was visible to everyone, and didn’t hesitate at all.

      Walking and suddenly stopping will get you killed.

      Also: new drivers tend to practice on the weekends – so I’d be a bit more cautious then.


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