Watch: Short Film “A Fox Tale” By Chinese Animators

This is very cool. Posted last month to YouTube and Youku and recently blogged by NeochaEDGE, “A Fox Tale” is a short animation made last year by four Chinese students in France’s Supinfocom Arles (one of them being Chinese). It represents what people here mean when they say “soft power,” though we’d be doing a disservice to the film to attach it to such an overtly political phrase. Just enjoy. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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    1. Jess

      Just from the credits on the video, isn’t it one Chinese guy and three (probably) Europeanish guys?

      It’s interesting how so many of the very few acclaimed Chinese animated shorts are action/martial arts-themed. This one, Xiao Xiao, Kung Fu Cooking Girls, Bat Man of Shanghai…
      They don’t feature very much dialogue, either. But I guess that might help in that “transcending language barriers” kind of thing and explain their prominence in the first place.


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