Chillax With Alex Lop’s Reminiscence Of “9 Days In China”

We see a lot of “My Beijing/China Trip” videos on YouTube, but most of them are made by people who don’t even try to make them watchable.

Here’s one person who did try — with fantastic results. Alex Lop on Vimeo:

I spent 9 days in China visiting Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. This is the visual story of my experiences while visiting these vastly different destinations. Enjoy!

Shot on a Canon EOS 7D, and color graded with Red Giant Colorista and Mojo.

Music: “Solace” by Aether. (

(H/T Ray Kwong)

    One Response to “Chillax With Alex Lop’s Reminiscence Of “9 Days In China””

    1. Alex Lop

      Hi Anthony! Wow…humbled by your comments. I’m thrilled you liked the video. It was an amazing experience in China and I’m definitely looking forward to the next trip out there.


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