Friday Night Musical Outro: M.I.C. – Hangover

The five-member outfit M.I.C. released its second full-length album, Color, on August 8, on which you’ll find this track. Wikipedia calls M.I.C. a “boy band,” but we prefer this endorsement by cfensi: “What set this album apart from the last self composed album by MIC is that not only are the members penning their own lyrics and compositions but they are also in full control of the production process in the making of this album. The members wrote/composed/produced 90% of the album, demonstration their musical growth and maturity after two years in the industry.” See for yourself. (Also, M.I.C. rapper Xiao Shunyao — a.k.a. YaoYao — has two awesome nicknames in 2Yao and Areo [technically his English name]. Respect.) Youku version after the jump for those in China.

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