Here Are Clips Of Traffic Jams Set To Appropriately Foreboding Music

This is the music they play in movies when a hero is about to die. It’s dramatic, it builds upon its own tension, it tells a story of sorrow, sacrifice, and honor, or fulfillment, or redemption. (In fact, I’m pretty sure it comes from a movie, but I couldn’t tell you which one.) And it’s incredibly overwrought, never quite right for our world but fine for an alternate reality made in a studio.

It’s somehow perfect when set to scenes of cars going nowhere in China, for this is an alternate reality as well. Knowing that traffic is always hell, why do drivers still insist on driving? Why risk hours, days of one’s life? Where could they possibly want to drive that would make them ignore the specter of an all-day jam?

China’s “worst week of traffic” is supposedly over, but these images show that traffic is as bad as ever. If you’re going on vacation, folks, do yourselves a favor: take a train; rent a car upon arrival. Spare us the dramatic death of common sense, set to music. QQ video for those in China after the jump.

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    1. andrewfx51

      It’s the opening music from “The Rock”.
      I am always amazed at the lack of scratches on most cars, given how bad some intersections can get


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