Republican Attack Ad Shows Obama Bowing To Hu Jintao, Those Damn Commie Chinese

This ad by Karl Rove and American Crossroads is yet another reminder that American politics, at its worst, is no better than Chinese politics. Watch as a narrator, most certainly white, says, “The more Obama borrows from China, the more we’ll have to bow to China.” Implication: bowing is a gesture of servility, American decline, and Communism, not — as it is in the real world — a gesture of respect and willingness to cooperate on difficult, complicated matters such as, oh I dunno, international fucking politics.

What American Crossroads is saying, I think: vote Obama, and China China China; vote Romney, and U-S-A! U-S-A!

There. I hope that clarifies things for you undecideds.

Video via Racist Political Ads via Angry Asian Man. Youku version for those in China after the jump. In the interest of fairness, if you come across a Democratic ad featuring something so blatantly xenophobic and borderline racist, let us know and we’ll post, like with this one.

    6 Responses to “Republican Attack Ad Shows Obama Bowing To Hu Jintao, Those Damn Commie Chinese”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Too bad they left out the small, niggling fact that most of that bowing and borrowing started because of dear “W” Bush’s two wars

    2. bert

      “Watch as a narrator, most certainly white, says,……..”

      Dude your reaching too far here.

      It might be nationalistic but I don’t think it is xenophobic. People are making this racist because they see racism in everything, especially when it is outside their political mindset.


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