Illegal Taxi Driver In Shanghai Runs Over German, Breaking His Leg… THEN Nearly Kills Him

The driver of an unlicensed taxi in Shanghai who ran over a German this summer had his day in court yesterday, getting sentenced to three years and three months in prison, according to Dongguang News. But first, to the recently released footage:

Around 3 am on July 15, a German named Sasha and two friends got in an unlicensed taxi operated by Wang Mou. The driver asked for 100 yuan. Thinking it a ridiculous price, Sasha got out while his friends stayed behind, perhaps to chastise Wang, or maybe to negotiate further (this part is not clear). Sasha then walks back toward the cab, and as he crosses from the front, the inexplicable happens: the car turns and accelerates, running over Sasha’s left leg and fracturing it.

Sasha’s friends rush to his aid, but Wang does a second inexplicable thing just then: he accelerates again. The car passes right over the fallen German — thankfully not killing him — and speeds off into the night.

We’re not sure when or how, but authorities eventually find Wang. In the video from court on Tuesday, he expresses deep regret, saying he spent 20,000 yuan to purchase the car and operate his business. He claims Sasha and his friends “blocked” his car around Fuzhou Road, near the Bund, maybe implying they share a little of the blame. While other details remain sketchy, I think we can all agree on this: one should never hit-and-run. Ku6 video for those in China after the jump.

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