Wild Boar Breaks Into Office, Terrorizes Woman, Basically Ruins Everything

Sky News has this funny video captured Friday in Shantou, Guangdong province. A wild boar apparently broke into an office and, because it’s just that kind of wild, destroyed a bunch of things and scared the crap out of everyone before — again, that kind of wild — smashing through a window to make its escape. Bad boar. Sky provides these details:

A cook working there picked up a plastic stool and attempted to use it to scare away the boar, but it gnawed at the stool and pushed it away.

In a final bid to escape the room, the boar charged into a glass door before running outside.

“I was very scared. That boar weighed about 50kg and looked quite ferocious. It was brown,” recalled the cook.

But the boar wasn’t quite done being cray cray. It returned, ran through a parking lot, then destroyed some water pipes. Damnit, boar!

According to the bus centre’s director, a group of people ended up working together to capture the wild boar and carry it away.

Where it was released into its natural habitat and everyone lived happily ever after, I’m sure.

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