Chillax With Ordos As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Here’s Business Insider describing the ghost town of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, a.k.a. the Dubai of northern China:

These huge developments were envisioned by the government as blank canvasses for architects, their visions brought to life in contoured brick, marble ledges, and wide expanses of smooth tile. In other words, the Chinese government built the biggest, most elegant skate parks in the world.

Skate park? Skate park. Director of the above, Charles Lanceplaine, took several skaters there for the short film, Ordos. “But there’s nothing to do there,” he told Business Insider. “There are no restaurants or anything. There’s one night club. We tried to go but no one was there.”

Their effort was worth it. Check out the video (the music is You Me by Hamacide + Chacha).

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