Gan Lulu And Her Awful Mother Have Now Gotten A Television Network Suspended

Talentless but big-breasted Gan Lulu, who skyrocketed to infamy when her mother filmed her naked last year — then wore a diamond dress at the Beijing Auto Show in April — is back in the news. She and her younger sister, Gan Maomao, along with their attention-starved mother, Lei Bingxia, were recently guests on Jiangsu Educational Television’s game show Bang Bang Bang when the three vixens began exchanging profanities with an audience member who asked if Gan has damaged China’s morality. Even though Bang Bang Bang has not yet aired, leaked footage taken by another audience member caused China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to first cancel show on Wednesday, then up the ante the next day by suspending all of Jiangsu Educational Television’s programs.

Reports AP:

On Thursday, the agency issued a second directive saying that Jiangsu Education Television, a regional broadcaster near Shanghai, had to suspend all programming effective Friday because it violated China broadcasting rules by identifying itself as an educational channel while offering entertainment content.

The Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said in a faxed statement that some 30 programs were affected by the suspension, including some distance learning programs, meaning classes were canceled for as many as 150,000 students.

The “Bang Bang Bang” editor also was fired, the Jiangsu provincial government said.

The Gan family is a natural disaster (or not so natural, in the case of Lulu’s chest) that leaves destruction in its wake.

Gan’s mother, Lei Bingxia, also in the audience, stands to take up the argument, using several off-color slurs.

“Can your mom make you the sexy goddess of China?” she later shouts. “Can your mom make billions of people like you? Gan’s mom can!”

“I’m the best agent in China, I’m telling you! I will not only make my daughter the world’s Lady Gaga, but the world’s Marilyn Monroe.”

SARFT initially said Bang Bang Bang‘s crime was for “wanton acts,” “amplifying ugliness,” and having a “negative influence on society.” They were, obviously, describing the Gan family females, but since you can’t cancel human beings, you punish the people responsible for amplifying their voices. Consider the messenger effectively shot, and the message delivered loud and clear to broadcasters and show producers across the country: Gan Lulu and company are toxic. Touch them at your own risk.

(H/T Shanghaiist)

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    1. Mano

      This seems not as crazy as it looks. What is crazy is this sort of behavior is becoming very common in China where arrogance has won over.


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