Two Fighters Go A Full Round At A Sichuan Park

Don’t know a darn thing about this video except that it was taken in Sichuan province earlier this week. In the title, we’re told it’s a woman and an older woman fighting. In the video description, we’re told it’s man and an old woman. The only things we can deduct as truth: an old woman is fighting, and she’s doing okay, despite throwing punches and kicks in slow motion. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    2 Responses to “Two Fighters Go A Full Round At A Sichuan Park”

    1. Gay Chevara

      I’m sorry but what is it with Chinese people from all walks of life, no matter their social status or background, just suddenly scrapping in public?

      It’s quite shocking how the entire country seems to be meiyou wenhua.


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