Kindhearted woman learns that if you feed wild mice, you may then have to kill them

Via Global Times:

A well-intentioned young woman has made a habit of feeding mice in her building every evening, because she thinks they are cute. But her kindness eventually attracted more mice, which also gnawed on the wires in the building, prompting many complaints from her neighbors.

The woman felt guilty, and so she decided to kill the mice.

She was a Tom and Jerry fan.

Personal note: ever since I was young, I’ve thought that Tom deserved to kill Jerry and use that annoying mouse’s entrails for a mustache.

Eventually, she made the decision to apply with the community managing office to set out poison for the mice. In the future, she said, when she misses her rodent friends, she would watch the old cartoons.

In conclusion, this woman should get a cat.

Woman feeds mice, angers neighbors in building (Global Times, h/t Alicia)

    2 Responses to “Kindhearted woman learns that if you feed wild mice, you may then have to kill them”

    1. terroir

      The one phrase that can be used to describe each any Chinese in any situation is “well-intentioned”. In my opinion this only makes the outcome even worse.

      And as we are speaking our irrational hatred from cartoon animals, allow me to bring up that damn Tweety bird. I always wanted Sylvester to wipe off his smug little smile.


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