Chinese Driver Backs Vehicle Into A River, Period

I’m going to fess up that I don’t really have any proof that this video is recent, or that it happened in China. The title reads “[Car Accident] It Fall to River in China,” though the TV station isn’t any that I recognize. Do we believe it?

don’t see why not.

Benny Hill music would really make this video complete. Alas.

(H/T Alicia)

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    1. Chairman Mao's ever virile corpse.

      An educated guess would be 스팟 tv is Korean and the fact those in the vicinity acted decisively and showed concern marks them out as not being of Chinese mainlander stock. However once saw a VW sticking out ot the west lake in Hz, it warmed my heart to see.

    2. yanuo

      I don’t like the fact that (mostly western) commentators online tend to make fun of their belief that Chinese people in general won’t show concern for the disadvantaged. Concrete criticism ok, but not these general statements. That’s usually called racism.

      • Ick

        I sympathise with your point, but what I’ve found is the complaint is only ever presented by those who have actually spent time on the mainland. Which does lend it some validity, the trope about Chinese (or Jews) being money loving and corrupt is fairly universal argumentum ad hominem. However the line about Chinese being, for want of a better word ‘cruel’ is not and tends to be presented by at least marginally informed parties. You would do better to find proof of Chinese “concern for the disadvantaged” to refute said comments rather than resorting to the informal fallacy of shouting racism.

        • narsfweasels

          That’s a big shout out for personal experience. I gave CPR to a guy who collapsed on the metro in Shanghai last Tuesday. The other passengers backed away from his shaking prostrate form.

          Sure, he could have been trying a scam, he could have blamed me and sued me to kingdom come…

          ….but it’s a risk I’ll take. Live one hour as a tiger than a life as a worm.

    3. Ick

      I’ll try;the Charaties Aid foundation presented a report listing countries by their citizens charity, China ranked 140th, the only significant countires less charitable than China where greece (in the middle of it’s meltdown) and rwanda. As a point HongKong ranked 11th and Taiwan 67th.

      Now lets see how forgien aid stack up

      China gave the equivalent of 0.04%,while recieving 0.01% of its GNI as foreign assistance in 2010.

      To sample the western critics you mentioned Sweden gave 1%. the UK 0.6% and the US 0.2%

      Other east asian nations; Korea’s official development assistance (ODA) was equal to 0.1% of Korea’s gross national income (GNI) in 2010. Japan 0.2%.

      Other middle income countries. Poland gave 0.1%, Russia was lower than China at 0.03%, India and Brazil slightly higher at 0.04%.

      If you can think of a better way to objectively measure generosity to strangers I’d be delighted to read it but it does look like the Mainland Chinese are significantly less concerned with the well being of others than say their ‘western critics’.

      Perhaps a better counter would be to to rebuff charity as a virtue?

    4. Big Pile O' Fragrant Roses

      The problem is also that there are so many swindlers in China, so generosity is not only rewarded by a warm fuzzy feeling but also some doubt about whether or not the recipient of your generosity was pianrenning you. Just look at all those folks on the subway with boomboxes and stuff. And it’s not just mafia-beggars, those charities that are supposed to be reliable are as corrupt as can be. The Red Cross for example is no longer trusted in China. This by the way is not only happening in China, but in other countries as well, as soon as records of the salaries of the CEO/management are published. The only time when people all start giving is when there is some sort of ‘losing face’ involved. Patriotism and losing face, those are the driving forces of charity at the moment. I’m sure people would be glad to give money to someone who lost his legs to a shark whilst trying to swim to the Diaoyu-islands.

    5. KopyKatKiller

      I’d say it’s a Chinese driver as he or she obviously weren’t looking where they were going. i have yet to see a Chinese person look behind them as they are backing up. In fact, they are taught not to by their “driving coaches”.

      Chinese mainlanders are the worst drivers in the world… That’s not a racist statement, just an all too obvious truth.


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