Your Team Bonding Exercise Has Never Looked Liked This: Dongbei Waitresses Go Full Martial

We’ve all seen stylists and salespeople lined up outside their establishments engaged in some sort of song and dance routine, but this takes the cake – by force!

Have North Korean special forces infiltrated this Dandong restaurant’s waitstaff? Did Doctor Who bring a squadron of Red Guard back from the Cultural Revolution to change the course of history? While it’s difficult to ascertain how this restaurant’s waitresses turned into a crack troop of freaky deaky soldiers, one thing is for sure: parents won’t be bribing anyone to get their children a rank in this army.

But on a more serious side, this exposes the plight of those working as unskilled laborers in China – in addition to low wages, which are often held or docked arbitrarily, you have to live in a dorm and be subjected to whatever “management culture” your boss decides to unleash.

The comments on the video, viewed nearly 1.9 million times in one day, mirror the mixture of awe, revulsion and pity that this clip elicits from the viewer:

Mr. Ponder [琢磨先生]: we can depend on this gang of sisters to recover the Diaoyu islands…

dajun: I admit that I just don’t have the conviction – after less than 3 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore!! It’s very spirited, it’s very weird, and it’s certainly very tragic!!!

Perry_Matthew: Classic product of a leftist boss.

Drifting129 [浮沉129]: At the beginning I didn’t understand so I laughed, but after that I was silent…Sorry, I just don’t understand this style! I wasn’t even moved when they performed “On the Way,” which is a song I like. All I got were chills.

    4 Responses to “Your Team Bonding Exercise Has Never Looked Liked This: Dongbei Waitresses Go Full Martial”

    1. Jadog

      What the hell is this? Seriously, I don’t get it. A promotion video? Is this supposed to inspire people to come here to eat or to bash their waitress into submission? That whole game at the end was really bizzare. The only thing I hope is that after all that bullshit they get the rest of the day off.

      I also love how the men just stand around watching this nonsense, probably thinking, “Thank God we don’t have to do that shit.”

    2. Ander

      I was thinking of how Beijing Cream would love this when I first watched it the other day.
      For technical reasons, didn’t get it to you then – but glad to see you posted this.

      Such hilarity!

    3. terroir

      “Full Metal Jacket” with Chinese characteristics:

      “This is my smile. There are many like it but this one is mine. My smile is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my smile is useless. Without my smile I am useless. I must flash my smile true. I must smile with more teeth than my competitor, who is trying to be nicer than me. I must be nicer than her before she is nice to me. I will. Before my ancestors I swear this creed: my smile and myself are defenders of my restaurant, we are the masters of my competitors, we are the saviors of the national GDP. So be it, until there is no competition, but prosperity. Amen.


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