Kim Jong-il’s dying wish was for North Korea to build up its nuclear arsenal, apparently

Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s second most popular and important leader of all time, left final instructions for his son in the form of 44 orders — probably bullet-pointed, because he’s an asshole — that were supposedly delivered on October 8, 2011, two months and nine days before his death. According to Korea JoongAng Daily:

When it comes to the regime’s defiant nuclear test and missile capabilities, Kim said, “Keep in mind that the way to maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula is to endlessly develop nuclear, long-range missiles and biochemical weapons and possess a sufficient number of them. Don’t ever be caught off guard.”

Some fathers, in their will, bequeath to their son a house, a bank account, or a boat. Kim Jong-il passed along a mandate to build warhead-carrying long-range missiles to keep the “peace.”

Pyongyang reportedly considers the instructions from the two former leaders, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong-il, as the final word in their policy-making, overruling even the Constitution.

These government orders were allegedly obtained by the South Korean government. Kim expressed his wish for a unified Korea, as every Korean wants, but stressed that “the North should thoroughly be superior to the South in terms of ideology and dominate Seoul’s military.”

The primary goal of the north and south, now as always, remains a unified peninsula. Yet a gulf separates the two sides, and the tragedy continues.

Kim Jong-il’s final orders: Build more weapons (Korea JoongAng Daily, h/t Gady Epstein)

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