This Road Rage Street Fight Is Perfect


At one point early in this video, there’s a case to be made that these two men are not fighting but engaged in ballet, thus is the symmetry of their kicks. Then the fists fly, swinging roundhouses, a phone is kicked out from under one of their feet, and yeah, you realize they probably hate each other. But then they come together in a hug of sorts, the avuncular headlock, and when they finally part, standing toe to toe, you think: humanity has a chance. It has a chance.

If only these assholes would move their damn cars from out of the middle of the road.

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    1. terroir

      That dude who looks like a lady with a windbreaker hoody is awesome; same with the two old peasant ladies, one with a kid(!) …. all bystanders who did awesomely.

      Windbreaker she-dude is tops for jumping in first; not to criticize, but this story should have been called “Awesome poor pedestrians without cars are more awesome than drivers without knuckles”. They jumped in when it was safe from the flinging of fist whiffles and scratches and totally made my day.

      That said, Chinese wushu is a gracious art that can be best enjoyed on stage or in a Jet Li movie, but not in Youtube fight videos.

      • Monkey King

        “fist whiffles and scratches”

        Well put, I don’t think you can properly call that “fighting”.

        One of them was even windmilling for a couple seconds. I don’t think women even do that anymore on account of it’s too girly for them.

    2. mr. wiener

      Fighting roosters, all feathers spit and skinny legs degrading into a shouting match. What a wasted opportunity.


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