I’ve Seen All Good People: Trash Collector In Luoyang Spends His Meager Earnings On Fellow Townsfolk

While the China blogosphere rolls out the usual news — your local PM 2.5 particulates and brutish chengguan – state media would like to remind you that there’s a gentler side to this country. In the above video, as part of CNS TV’s recent series on “Warming the Zhongyuan (Central Plains), the anchorwoman reports:

Although these days it isn’t uncommon to donate to charity, including funding students, the commitment to helping others still comes mainly from the little people using their small contributions to represent a larger love. We went to Luoyang to get to meet an old man…

84 year-old Hu Fasheng of Luoyang, Henan spends most of his day scavenging for trash, but he uses most of his earnings to help out fellow villagers: pens and notebooks for students, mooncakes for the elderly. He’s been at this for close to 11 years. This kind of selfless service toward the people of his community is commendable given Hu’s own hardships. Queue crying local man; orchestral swells.

Hu is making a small and inspirational impression in Luoyang, like many others throughout this amazing country. Next time you’re down on the state of the PRC, feel free to turn toward these kind of stories, which are reminders of what brought you here in the first place: the good people who pursue a peaceful life.

    4 Responses to “I’ve Seen All Good People: Trash Collector In Luoyang Spends His Meager Earnings On Fellow Townsfolk”

    1. Kaiser

      As a son of the Zhongyuan’s venerable soil (go Henan!) I thank you. I’m especially appreciative of the Yes reference in this post’s title. So satisfied. I’m on my way…

    2. Jive madra

      More than any other country, I do focus on the negative side of things… We’ve all had our share of Bad China Days, so probably need to be reminded of things like this

    3. terroir

      Poor people in China are nice because they have to be; rich people in China win the privilege of assholery that is otherwise beyond the grip of poor people who cant afford it.


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