Guangzhou Gym Offers Barbell Fuck, Pedal Fuck, Fight Fuck, And Group Fuck

Guangzhou gym fuck

Look at this: “Rebuilt the Life of Beauty.” What does that even mean? Hello! Everyone knows it should be “rebuild,” verb. Even then, “life of beauty” hardly is the message we want to send to our children, now is it? Shame on you, Capital Fitness Club, for reinforcing the myth that beauty should be a goal, held higher than education, healthy living, or self-affirmation.


Guangzhou gym group fuck

…we’ll take one “group fuck,” please.

We think Capital Fitness in Guangzhou might have gotten some translations slightly off… (The Nanfang)

    7 Responses to “Guangzhou Gym Offers Barbell Fuck, Pedal Fuck, Fight Fuck, And Group Fuck”

    1. Ant Farm

      We’re sure that Alice Sy Lui will be estatic to learn of your latest excursions into profanitiies next time you meet on the 19th floor of China World Tower 2. Oh, and careful with those frisbees man, you never know who is watching you at Beijing Ultimate. Or at the Souk Lounge or Migas or in the audience at the Lion King.
      We told you you’d pissed off some people. Be a good boy and take down your offensive materials about other Beijing expats or we’ll come and get you very soon.
      Have a nice day Anthony.

      • Chackie Jan

        HAHAHAHAHA. ISB International school of butthurt.

        By the way, Ant Farm, I think what you’re doing is a felony. In fact I might just have to ‘backtrace’ you and hunt you down. Actually, no backtracing is needed, I can just go to ISB and ask for the biggest nerd.

        • Anonymous

          Butthurt Jan, sorry but ISB’s security guards won’t let you in. They’re trained to spot jackasses.

          And our “biggest nerds” are going to be attending ivy league universities this fall, so you won’t be seeing them here unless you come soon and catch them in between their pedalfucking in the dome.

          But the way you’re talking about backtracing (and your username) makes you seem much nerdier than I, so I’ll leave you at that.

          ISB senior (self-proclaimed nerd)

      • RhZ

        Guys, pls. I seriously doubt a bunch of high-school kids give a rat’s backside about that blog post.

        Have you heard of…trolls?


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