Chinese Official Flips Out After Missing His Flight At Kunming Airport [UPDATE]

We all know the stress of traveling, but how many of us, after missing a flight, would start banging on doors and kicking tables like this guy?

How many of us have the power to do so?

This man is a CPPCC committee member of Shizong county in Yunnan province, say netizens, identified as Yan Linkun. We’re told that airport security is currently investigating the matter.

How do we know no punishment will come to Yan?

Because the police say they’ll deal with this matter “in strict accordance with the law,” according to the Youku description.

UPDATE, 2/24, 10:13 am: Some more info: Shizong county investigators say Yan missed his flight on February 19 — a 11:05 am from Kunming to Guangzhou — because he was eating breakfast. While he was signing off for a new flight, he didn’t hear an announcement about his departure time, and ended up missing that one as well.

Shizong county has assigned a “specialist” to deal with the situation, and reportedly Yan will be disciplined.

Also, we’ve changed the headline from “Party official.” Apologies for any confusion caused.

UPDATE, 2/26, 2:06 pm: He’s been suspended from his company and might face criminal charges, even after making a public apology, in person, to an airport official.

    26 Responses to “Chinese Official Flips Out After Missing His Flight At Kunming Airport [UPDATE]”

    1. Jadog

      Can you imagine Obama doing that?

      I love how security just stands around watching this guy go crazy when they should have tackled him to the ground, kneed him in the gut, and arrested him and his stupid wife. In America he would have gotten tazered!

    2. John

      This scene is too funny. Airport security stands by, hands politely behind their backs as he goes about his tirade. The two sons stand with their heads down, “There goes Dad again…” On-lookers add their thoughts, with wild gesturing included. In all, it’s even better without the sound as we can now create our own dialogue!

    3. Amanda R.

      I can’t believe the way the wife was egging him on and got in one final smash of something at the end. Totally unacceptable way for people to behave, yet the security guards do nothing. Unbelievable.

    4. Jess

      Being a CPPCC member does not necessarily make one a Party official. Recent example: “The Divine Bosom,” Peng Dan, Gansu CPPCC member. Then you have your Jackie Chans, Stephen Chows, Yao Mings, Liu Xiangs, Li Yundis, possibly Ai Weiwei even, and so on…

    5. 柴少

      You call this fool a ‘Party Official’? If he is a CPPCC member then most likely he is not a communist party member. At county level, a business man who hires more than 100 workers will automatically get you into the CPPCC.

      • Jay K.

        business and party politics are usually tied in. although not necessary. if you want business to succeed you better participate/or be a party member to continue business success.

    6. Chuckle Brother

      I’m just glad that people like that and there families are not in any positions of power and influence in China.

      Christ – Just imagine what it would be like if people like that were permitted to drive or create policy!

      Doesn’t bear thinking about.

    7. Chinese Netizen

      Now compare this uber douche to the humble, kind and gracious Gary Locke when he was at the airport in the States getting ready to take up his post as US Ambassador to the PRC.

    8. Just Jeff

      Give the guy a break…Due to the various “WatchGates”, he neglected to wear his Patek Philippe and his politically correct locally produced “Great Leap Forward” watch was 15 minutes off.

    9. Antal

      This reminds me to what happened to me on 6th of January 2012 in Guangzhou railway station:
      We wanted to buy a ticket to Beijing, but they told me they can not sell tickets on three days in advance, only for two days. This was a policy related to theNew Year’s rush. Only on the internet were tickets sold in advance for more then 2 days, but the website requested a chinese ID number and chinese bank account. So I sat down on the floor of the train station in order to wait for the next day to buy a ticket.
      Within 10 minutes a policeman came and he grabbed me by my clothes to move me out of the train station. My only fault was: sitting. I was not saying anything until then, I was doing just nothing, but sitting. So when he grabbed me, I started to scream that I need to buy a ticket, but he forced me to go out from the train station.
      So we were left out without other choice but to buy an expensive flight ticket.

      Anybody knows if foreigners can be member of the CPPCC? I’d like to have also privileges…

    10. NM

      “How do we know no punishment will come to Yan?”

      Forgive me, but if you knew anything about China, you would know that if this chap really were a party or government official, his career would be over at this point, and he would be lucky if he escaped charges of violating party discipline before a party court.


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