Second Annual “Undie Run” In Beijing Features, Um, Runners In Their Underwear

Undie Run 2013k

Beijing hosted its second Undie Run yesterday, a 3.5-kilometer jaunt through Olympic Forest Park, Xinhua reports (more pictures via that link). Organizers say the event was to promote nature and fitness. There were about 300 participants, including one who was as young as nine years old.

More info via Asia One News:

There were no referees or trophies, no starting gun or finishing line. But there were a lot of laughs and bonding even before the group warm up started. The runners started circling the park at 9:40 am.

Wang Yibin, organizer of the event, said the run is a wake-up call to those who had too much to eat over Spring Festival. “It’s time to confront your own body,” Wang said.

Marathon season is also starting next month. “We should get in shape and be ready,” Wang said.

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