The Wall Street Journal is reporting it got hacked by the Chinese, too

Anything the New York Times can do, the Wall Street Journal can do better. Reporting:

The Wall Street Journal said Thursday that its computer systems had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers for the apparent purpose of monitoring the newspaper’s China coverage.

If you’re not being hacked and monitored by the Chinese, you’re just not important enough. Somewhere, NBC News sheds a tear.

Paula Keve, chief spokeswoman for the Journal’s parent company, Dow Jones & Co., said in a written statement: “Evidence shows that infiltration efforts target the monitoring of the Journal’s coverage of China, and are not an attempt to gain commercial advantage or to misappropriate customer information.”

…Ms. Keve called the infiltration of networks related to coverage of China an “ongoing issue,” adding, “we continue to work closely with the authorities and outside security specialists, taking extensive measures to protect our customers, employees, journalists and sources.”

If you have a WSJ login and password, now might be a good time to change in.

Chinese Hackers Targeted Wall Street Journal Computers (WSJ)

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