A Hotel Staff Beatdown That Goes On And On

“Some day, my son, you are going to learn that the two greatest joys of being a man are beating the hell out of someone and getting the hell beaten out of you, good night.”

–Richard Price, The Wanderers

    5 Responses to “A Hotel Staff Beatdown That Goes On And On”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Chinese men are superior…they can only beat one man with superior numbers to support them.


    2. China Newz

      That poor guy didn’t even try to defend himself. Probably best that he didn’t that would have just perpetuated the fight even longer.

    3. peppermint butler

      guy in the suit could not give fewer fucks & treats getting slapped around like it’s his job, never stops texting the whole time. nonchalant response kept things from escalating as well, impressive.


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