Controversial Sign Removed From Beijing Restaurant, But Manager Remains Defiant

Racist sign in Houhai Beijing

The Beijing restaurant manager, a man surnamed Wang, who doesn’t want to serve customers from countries engaged in maritime disputes with China has removed this fairly racist sign from his Houhai establishment. He took it down Thursday by his own volition, according to AFP, but has “refused to apologise.”

“I don’t have any regrets,” he told AFP. “I was just getting too many phone calls about it.”

Well, that makes sense. This, however, does not:

“Maybe people misunderstood our meaning… it only said we would not serve customers from those countries,” he said.

Um. Good clarification.

Meanwhile, we’ve learned that the restaurant serves “soup made with pork offal and gravy-soaked biscuits.” So there. Another reason not to visit. (But we’ll let you know if we do.) UPDATE, 3/6, 10:05 am: Like this.

Beijing restaurant removes ‘racist’ sign after fury (AFP)

    2 Responses to “Controversial Sign Removed From Beijing Restaurant, But Manager Remains Defiant”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Owner’s just practicing his free speech rights as enshrined in the Chinese constitution, right?

    2. bag-o-dicks

      “I am misunderstood” does usually mean “I am annoyed that people understand me perfectly”.


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